Monday, February 16, 2009

Dealing With Eggs

Every morning I enjoy four soft cooked eggs with toast and tea. On Saturdays I visit the farmers market to purchase farm fresh and socialize with the local farmers.

I am currently using my third cooker and it is far superior to the first two. The earlier models required me to carefully measure the water I put into the cooker to obtain the desired doneness of the eggs. A slight miscalculation of the volume created a much larger degree of doneness in the eggs. This newest model isn't particular about the water volume and instead allows me to slide the dial to the desired type of cooked egg. Traditionally the fresher the egg the harder it is to peel it when it is hard cooked. This machine eliminates that difficulty. Hard cooked eggs peel with a ridiculous ease! It is important to note the little egg punch next to the cooker. Perforating the end of the egg helps to avoid cracks in the shell. My only complaint is that the alarm that sounds when the egg is ready is too quiet for these old ears. I have to listen carefully.

When the eggs are ready I place them in this six egg cup and cut the top with these scissors. This spoon is just the right size to dig in the shells. The Irish butter tastes great on fresh Ezekiel toast (made in my bread machine and toasted in my million dollar toaster.)

Now for the final touch! A variety of "finishing" salts puts a unique tinge of additional goodness in each egg. Mari decided that this giant salt pig (actually designed for rimming margarita glasses) would work nicely to place three different flavors at my disposal. This was wonderful until Adam and Wendy provided me with this very nice selection from around the world.

Armed with all of this, it is now time to enjoy my breakfast with a good book and my yodeling pickle.


  1. Awesome! You're blog looks great! I can't wait to read more!!!

  2. Also - I have never tried a soft cooked egg. -Are the whites cooked but not the yolk?

    I think I might enjoy it since I'm not a fan of over done eggs... even if I scramble and egg it's still quite wet. I may have to see if I can try one soon. :)