Wednesday, April 8, 2009


"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" This past Saturday was the first day of the "official" farmers market. A few farmers braved the winter storms and were open all year but now others began to appear. Opening bell is at 8:00 a.m. during the Summer. Fresh produce was at a minimum on Saturday - green onions, parsnips, salad greens, etc. - but will soon make a dramatic entrance as the weather dictates. Cheese, meat, eggs, honey and other non-seasonal items were available.

Snake charmer Thad Watkins displayed some of his unusual gourds, frightening women and children and warding off dogs (which are outlawed this year for the first time because of a few unpleasant experiences in past years.) I saw Bill Friedlander at the market who commented that there ought to be a petition to get dogs back on the premises.

Kathy and James Jackson had eggs and a few green onions available. They had been at the market every week during the winter with eggs and as much pleasant visiting as the cold weather would permit.

The King queens and their mother were there, looking for omelets. Alas they had to settle for a sweet role from the coffee lady. Not all vendors showed on this first day including the breakfast cookers. One regular customer commented that it was probably still too cool for guitar fingering and the regular folk singer wasn't performing.

Jim Fiedler had these pork chops for sale. In his weekly newsletter he emphasized the fact that "fat" is actually healthy, bucking the populist health propaganda. He hints that this revelation of health news may have been prompted by his butcher's lack of a trimming knife! A googling indicates that his argument may, in fact, be correct.

Other farmers who were there provided additional social opportunities and attractive fresh selections. Cheese, flowers, plants, chicken, eggs and other offerings presented by knowledgeable and interesting people made the day a delight. Of course Kara Peers, our "Buffalo Girl" was there as she has been all winter (buffaloes and Kara are hardy creatures!)

Each of the next several weeks will bring more and more delightful treats, both culinary and social. I look forward to all of them!

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  1. Yay! Thanks for sharing! I looked a bit and found two markets here that open up in April. One is a bit too far for us to go to, but the other might make a fun day trip next Saturday. :)