Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gallopalooza At Churchill Downs

On Friday Mari, Paula and I visited Churchill Downs to have a look at the Gallopalooza horses that will be placed around town this year. This picture is near the entrance to the clubhouse and features jockeys wearing the winning owners' silks for major races on the most recent Derby Day.
This horse, also near the entrance, was the only one in the outdoors. Any others that had been outside were moved indoors after the weather damaged a few of them. At the entrance we were given a paper listing all of the horses, their sponsors, their artists and the location where they will be displayed after they leave the track. There are 136 of them. The artists designed and created each of them to express a certain theme approved by the respective sponsor. There are many unusual and creative beauties. My slide show presents only a few of our favorites. Below is a picture of my choice as the best.

Next to each horse was a large jug on which was attached a paper listing the horses "pedigree" - name, artist, sponsor and "farm" (ultimate location.) Visitors were advised that they could vote for their favorite by depositing a penny (or more) in the jug.

After we had our fill of viewing (and walking) we went to get our fill of fish at Mike Lenahan's - it's spelled "Lennig's" but pronounced "Lenahan's", much the same as a nearby park is spelled Des Pres Park but is pronounced "Du Pres Park." The restaurant is located about as far away from Presentation Academy as you could get and still be in Jefferson County, but Paula and Mari still managed to visit with faculty members, ex students and other connections.

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